We designed and built as a comprehensive multi-asset trading technology for banks, brokers and their end customers. With our proven blockchain solution, brokers will always be able to meet all trading requirements of not only the beginners, but also professional traders.


Using our multi asset trading platform, you receive an amazing solution that will automate the operational processes and increasing management efficiency.
– Alan Tang

› Setting goals and objectives
› Stakeholder interviews
› Building personas
› Creating scenarios
› Market research
› Whitepage ICO
› High-fidelity design and mockup
› Re-build design system
› Interaction prototype


At FXANALYST we are also focused on quicker client acquisition and as such, the FXANALYST team has a meticulously designed proven and tested strategy to get more and more traders and cryptocurrency users onboard.

To make it tailored to the needs of the cryptocurrency traders and other stakeholders we have conducted a pre-development survey seeking participation of traders and cryptocurrency experts. The platform will be accordingly designed to offer the best trading experience eliminating the issues facing traders at large. The unique and innovative features of the FXANALYST platform.


With Blockchain Technology offering simple and comprehensive solutions simplifying the complexities involved in present-day modus-operandi of multiple business processes, more and more business organizations are adopting Blockchain technology. In addition, with tokenization businesses can create a transparent and more secure funding and transfer mechanism and that has provided impetus to new startups and even existing businesses to create their own digital tokens. As the market for blockchain- based solutions is expanding there is indeed a growing demand for infrastructures that support and facilitate exchange, trade and transfer of cryptocurrencies.


FXANALYST will evolve as a self-sufficient profit generating platform with a well-defined and verified revenue model. With no dependency on any third party, with FXANALYST we aim at creating a financially scalable platform with consistent flow of revenue from day one.