Each company has its own branding, so to make a difference and mean the company needs a design system from one source, to allow designers based on design system templates to continue and develop in the direction of brands, common elements for designing and developing products and pursuing the experience. Each company develops continuously, always providing a collaborative space to innovate and repeat

Today many devices like Website, Mobile, Iwatch, VR/AR with the number of devices, monitors and increasing demand, designers are under more pressure than ever to provide a multi-user experience and effective platform of experience.

Therefore, Design System was born to relieve the tone on an application basis to build a coherent and coherent design system that will empower designers in the organization, appropriate designs and expandable, save time in the process and achieve a cohesive experience for users.

What is the design system?

A design system is a series of guidelines — these guidelines have unified a company behind one visual language.

Why is a Design System?

It is creating experiences of consistent at scale is a challenge.

How does it work?

Set up your colour palette to create a strong brand and use your colours in a predictable way. Organize your character styles and use them consistently. Build your reusable components to design faster and create a predictable user experience. Share your design system with your team

What are the results of a design system?

Consistency – All your components will share the same visual language. Faster design – By reusing components you can easily build new App or Web pages. More predictable UXUI – Having consistent design for similar elements will help to create a predictable user experience.