Alan Tang is a senior UX/UI design from Australia that is major focused on a financial services design. His expert is to re-invent the financial industry by delivering cutting edge user interface solutions.

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Alan Tang brings a unique set of technical, business and creative skills together, and is passionate about creating quality user experiences (UX) through clean and elegant UI design to create a compelling Financial Technology Startup, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Social Trading, and Real Estate with experience for users.

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Blockchain Solutions

Alan design new Platform will be a key tool for implementing a more reasonable and efficient transaction, management system as the worlds of blockchain and technology.

Financial Technology

With years of experience in finance, he understands the CX/UX issue in Banking, he is designing the private banking system to suit the needs of consumers.

Trading Technology

He has completed the UX/UI design for Social Trading Technology, a Forex specialist in conjunction with Design, that will bring the right system to the right experience.

Real Estate Technology

He has been a co-founder and CTO for Farental, a major project in the Real Estate industry. He has been involved in Product Design for 18 months, Alan is an expert and knowledgeable in RE Technology.

IoTs Technology

Alan do product design for the smart home, it is an application use blockchain technology for managing a home. It is the best solution for a person to interact with devices around the house.

Patent solutions

Get advice on your idea and help you to Research, Design solutions and write the patent.
Alan has done file patent.

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FEATURESA recent banking Solution

Wondering how we fit dozens of Banking Features into a single Challenger Bank App? This UX banking concept is provided to inspire financial professionals worldwide with the potential of next generation banking services.


Xcrypto Solutions

Xcrypto is our “think outside the box” blockchain banking solutions. We design the app using the powerful Reactive Native framework which supports implementation on both iOs and Android operating system, If you’re seeking a quick start or ready to go mobile application with robust security, high performance, and immediately covers 90% of the most often used banking services, then Xcrypto is your best solution.



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IoTs Technology

A smart home is a set of solutions for automating everyday activities that will save you from routine. Here and household appliances from robotic vacuum cleaners to appliances controlled from a smartphone, and system that control everything that happens in the house or apartment and connect with smart building.


CryptoEstate allow landlords to self manage their property. Landlords can receive their rental property funds quicker. Tenants can pay for all their rental property needs on one platform.


Manage your own property with a single app.
Receive payments from tenants faster.
Keep track of your properties expenses and maintenance history.


Pay for all your rental bills on a single app!
Keep track of all your property expenses and compare month to month expenses.
Pay using fiat or virtual currency.


Advertise your property services directly towards landlords and tenants.
Increase your property management portfolio.
Real time property notifications.


Advertise your trade services directly towards landlords, tenants and property agents.
Increase your customer data base.
No advertising fee!

Research & News

Alan has written a number of articles on the community to help young people understand new technologies in the financial field as well as Blockchain Technology.

February 5, 2019

Blockchain For Smart City

Smart City is blockchain architecture and designation given to a city that incorporates information and communication technologies to enhance the security, quality and performance of urban services such as supply chain, real estate, health, energy, transportation and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.
Alan Tang.

February 5, 2019

New Concensus

Blockchaineer mission is to create an amazing experience for think "outside of box" and solutions which using blockchain technology by improving current services, concepts, and use cases as well as building new consensus system.

February 5, 2019

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Our technological philosophy underpinning Blockchain is to dramatically improve consensus system, and usecase in government, economic, finance, medical, identity, supply chain, and technology.

February 5, 2019

R&D Lab Blockchain Solutions

Alan's said that “the Blockchain technology of the new economy are trust, management, and innovation” and so it is paramount that new technologies be built on trust, consensus, and management. We inventing new Platform will be a key tool for implementing a more reasonable and efficient transaction, management system as the worlds of blockchain and technology.

February 5, 2019

Startup Solutions and Support for blockchain

February 5, 2019

Blockchain Era

Blockchain Era is a new ideal, the goal of changing the world, has come the 21st century we have to change the era, evolve humanity, we must invent the new science and technology to solve poverty, hunger and homeless.



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