Hello, I’m

Alan Tang

Product Designer & Technologist

I have a multidisciplinary skill set that integrates design knowledge with technical and business expertise. I master the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding of and ability to human behavior, design thinking, lean UX, and agile.

AI Trading

Created a AI program to trade on forex, crypto, and commodities. Working on stocks and indices in the background with performance going back 2017.


Alan Tang

UXUI Designer with the passion of creativity

THE BEST Skills & Stuff

UX/UI Design 90%
UX Research & Patent Research 80%
UX Process & Agile Enviroment 85%

Mobile App Design


Web App Platform


Landing Page


Design Thinking Process

Alan design new Platform will be a key tool for implementing a more reasonable and efficient transaction, management system as the worlds of blockchain and technology

UX Research

With years of experience in finance, he understands the CX/UX issue in Banking, he is designing the private banking system to suit the needs of consumers.

UX Design

He has completed the UX/UI design for Social Trading Technology, a Forex specialist in conjunction with Design, that will bring the right system to the right experience.

Design System

Alan's create and manage a design system to quickly scale own work and maintain consistency across the digital device. The team can add new components, linked assets and other design elements for team members.

UI Design

Give advice on your idea and help you to research, design architecture and write the patent. I experienced the process of file patent.

Agile & Lean UX

Lean UX was Jeff Gothelf’s game-changing answer to the problem of practicing UX in an agile environment. In his seminal masterwork, Jeff turned the entire field of UX on its head.

Our Technology Services

Our team of highly experienced professionals brings together a range of backgrounds that bring together a unique set of insights, knowledge and experience to ensure you get the highest quality website app, mobile app, and dashboard.

Blockchain Solutions

Alan has completed architecture uses blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a blockchain technology of the truth.

UXUI Design

Alan has completed the UX/UI design for Social Trading Technology, a Forex specialist in conjunction with design, that will bring the right system to the right experience.

Service Design

Alan has completed the service design for Xcrypto, with all of your banking, finances, managed from Xcrypto wallet, view your total balance and transactions in one innovative.

Product Design

Alan has completed the product design for the smart home, it is an application use blockchain technology for managing a home. It is the best solution for a person to interact with devices around the house.

Xcrypto Portfolio

PORTFOLIO See our awesome work

Alan Tang takes you straight into his work with a landing-page portfolio. His case studies are short, but he does one thing many designers forget to do: He shares how he feels about the final product. “It was one of the most complete, entertaining products which I was proud to work on,” .


Our Products

We designed and built as a comprehensive multi-asset trading technology for banks, brokers and their end customers. With our proven blockchain solution, brokers will always be able to meet all trading requirements of not only the beginners, but also professional traders. Using our multi asset trading platform, you receive an amazing solution that will automate the operational processes and increasing management efficiency.

Alan’s Publication

Here is our magazine that help you to understand UX design, Blockchain, financial service and forex.

FEATURES How to bring change to
create a supply chain innovation

Supply chain V.2 is one of Alan Tang's new concept. It is a new system using Blockchain Technology combined with Machine Learning. Alan is inventing a new consensus formula, saving the paperwork and administrative junkies, cutting time, which helped to move goods quickly, increasing the efficiency of information, finance and shipping goods. That helps effective trade, economic growth, and GDP.


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Our UX Designers combine their research and design skills together to understand the user needs and produce concepts/solutions/designs that people want to use.

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Articles & Insights

Alan has written a number of articles on the community to help young people understand new technologies in the UXUI Design, Product Design, Service Design, financial field as well as Blockchain Technology.

Design April, 21, 2018

UX process and Waterfall

In its purest form, UX Design is waterfall based. A product team working through the waterfall methodology sets out to learn everything they possibly can before building even the simplest prototype.

Design August, 12, 2018

UX process and Agile

Designers found themselves under immense pressure to fill a sprint backlog before they really understood what they were building. As a result, a lot of development cycles got burned on features that never made it into the final product.

Design October, 10, 2018

What is design system

it was born to relieve the tone on an application basis to build a coherent and design system that will empower designers in the organization, appropriate designs and expandable, save time in the process and achieve a cohesive experience.


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Here are few things that we do to build knowledge around an industry, and in particular a customer's business, that your business could also consider. Ask Questions, Understand Partnerships, Understand the End Customer and Investigate Competitors.

OUR SERVICE Pricing Tables



  • Incredible modern landing page
  • Max 10 section
  • Source File (PSD, XD, Sketch)
  • Commercial Use
  • 3 time revisions



  • Fully functioning prototype
  • 15 screens app design
  • Source File (PSD, XD, Sketch)
  • Commercial Use
  • 3 time revisions



  • Fully functioning prototype
  • 25 web app platform
  • Source File (PSD, XD, Sketch)
  • Commercial Use
  • 3 time revisions

I will create tailored made UI experiences (Mobile & Web) for you, with you. I have over 5 years experience on UXUI design, thus I always design great experiences, that have high usability and are extremely intuitive. Ideally, I would love it if you could provide me with some info about the potential users of the app, or if they are the general crowd I can also do some interviews here in Sydney, to identify their problems and create solutions that fit them.