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Financial Services

Take your financial service usability and revenue to the top with a cutting-edge user interface design by Alan Tang


Instead of the usual complexity that people encounter, financial services design should be minimalist design.

Awesome design

You’re about to meet the awesomeness of the new standard, and endless possibilities you ever imagined in this new design.


Financial services design must solve user problems and deliver ultimate benefit based on a design thinking.

UX/UI design

Our UX/UI Designers combine their research and design skills together to understand the user needs and want to use.

FinTech & Banking Design

Alan Tang is a senior UX/UI design from Australia that is major focused on a financial services design. His expert is to reinvent the financial industry by delivering cutting edge user interface solutions.

A recent banking Solution from Alan Tang

Wondering how we fit dozens of Banking Features into a single Challenger Bank App? This UX banking concept is provided to inspire financial professionals worldwide with the potential of next generation banking services.

Xcrypto is the next decentralised cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum structure. Its mission is to broaden the possibilities of uses/business/corporate/government and solving issue KYC/AML, cross border payment with fast and super low fee.

How Finance UX/UI Work?

Let us show how My services will help your business attract and retain more customers


We reinvented the structure of the CX / UX design to reach customers and in an era of style, bringing convenience and excitement to consumers.


Research is the key to success, it is to explore the market is following the movement, to catch up to the times.


Nowadays the standard of startup is innovation, which is a term for advancement and bringing something new to technology, which is the turning point to dominate the market.

Blockchain Technology

We are also experts on Blockchain Technology and applied to CX / UX to create new ideas that fit the hype.

My Biography

Alan Tang brings a unique set of technical, business and creative skills together, and is passionate about creating quality user experiences (UX) through clean and elegant UI design to create a compelling Fintech Startup, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Social Trading, and Real Estate with experience for users.

Finance Technology

With years of experience in finance, he understands the CX / UX issue in Banking, he is designing the private banking system to suit the needs of consumers.

Trading Technology

He has completed the UX / UI design for Social Trading Technology, a Forex specialist in conjunction with Design, that will bring the right system to the right experience.

Real Estate Technology

He has been a co-founder and CTO for Farental, a major project in the Real Estate industry. He has been involved in Project Design for 18 months, is an expert and knowledgeable in Real Estate Technology.

Mobile Banking

Alan has over 5 years of UX/UI design gor Mobile Bank, which are out of the box for mobile banking applications, and he designs the app using the powerful React Native framework that supports both iOS and Android OS.

Crypto Banking

According to Alan, there is a difference between a bank's Wallet and a Crypto Wallet, because of the different CX / UX, which has affected the way wallet is designed. Most Crypto Currencies users prefer innovation. Design for the Crypto Wallet must be different to create a consumer of creativity.

CRM Design

After months of researching on CRM, Alan captures the re-invent of CRM in line with Blockchain Technology, a new concept in CRM.

Real Estate Project

Alan is one of the co-founders and CTO, during 18 months of Real Estate Technology, he has experience and new ideas, with the idea of using blockchain Technology for creativity.

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Alan Tang

Senior UXUI Designer

Alan Tang brings a unique set of technical, business and creative skills together, and is passionate about creating quality UX through clean and elegant UI design to create compelling responsive web experience for users.


Blockchain Solution

Passionate to change the world, I work for re-invent Blockchain technology to change and Improve Global System. We will teamwork, work hard and work smart for rebuild the world which purposes a better future for humankind.

Forex Analyst

Trader and Analyst

Alan Tang has been an active trader. He has been offering market analysis and trading advice to the public. To understand price behavior, you must learn how to create structure out of inherently un-structured market environments.

Latest Blog Post

Alan has written a number of articles on the community to help young people understand new technologies in the financial field as well as Blockchain Technology.

UX/UI Process

The successful, wonderful “User Experience” that one wants to provide does not occur by chance. Like anything and everything around building a system, the experience must be designed to be successful, to be wonderful.

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